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Fees For Services

Fee Schedule & Relationship Minimum

We are a fee-only investment advisor. None of our employees may charge or accept commissions, referral fees, or transaction-based income from loads, sales charges, or markups. This aligns our interests with those of our clients. Our minimum relationship size is $500,000 and our minimum annual fee is $5,000. Exceptions to these minimums are occasionally made. Our standard annual fee schedule is as follows:

    1.25% of assets on the first $100,000 under management;
    1.00% on the next $400,000;
    0.90% on the next $500,000;
    0.75% on the next $2,000,000;
    0.50% of assets in excess of the above.


Each month, fees are calculated, prorated, and charged in arrears based on the market value of managed assets on the last trading day of the month. For planning or consulting services outside the scope of a managed relationship we charge $200 per hour. We occasionally arrange individualized fee schedules for clients requiring either limited or expanded services. We also accept smaller accounts for the children of clients who meet our minimum relationship requirements. Either party may terminate the relationship at any time by written notice. Fees are prorated at the commencement or termination of a relationship, so clients are charged only for the period under actual management.